Angel’s Rest_ Wahkeena Falls

Even though some of us have lived here forever, I don’t think you can ever see all of the beauty within an hour or two of home. I proved that a couple weeks ago.

The Angel’s Rest trailhead is on the near (west) end of the wonderful drive out the Historic Scenic Columbia River Highway. I will confess that I have driven by it for many years and never followed the “what are all those people doing?” thought through.

Skies started to clear at just the right moment.

Glad I finally did – the hike up to Angel’s Rest is a bit steep… and utterly  worth every  bit of huff and puff. Magnificent views, even before the morning fogs clear.

The rock formations at the top are breathtaking (more so when the dog immediately chooses the brink of death as a good place to hang out) and (July) there were lovely wildflowers you only see when you get up a bit, red huckleberries and wild black raspberries to keep the blood sugar up.

Angels Rest

The hike across and down the Wahkeena Falls trail is every bit as lovely.  (Park a car at both trailheads if you’re doing the full circuit – I can tell you from experience that walking back along the old highway is a bad plan.)

King cooling off just below Wahkeena Springs.

First waterfall as you head down the Wahkeena trail.

Ask at the desk for the map, and go early to have the trail to yourself, at least on the way up :).  Don’t forget your camera!

LLH; July, 2012

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