Tippy Canoe

Tippy Canoe

Tippy’s is a part of my personal history, just as it is a part of the personal history of so many in the Corbett / Troutdale area.  I was actually a bartender at the Tippy Canoe (two owners and a closure ago, and I was most happy when Shirley got the good old place open again), and I met many of the people in my life who are now nearest and dearest there.

Shirley has done a great job with Tippy’s – maintaining the charm of the original atmosphere, creating a wonderful outdoor space (still can’t see the river while you eat, but hearing it counts), making it family friendly, and offering generous portions of good food.  Breakfasts are huge (if you’re a normal person, might bring a friend to share) and good.  My favorite is the seafood newburg omelette, which is a special not on the menu, but either it’s available most days or my timing is fabulous, because I’ve been able to get it every time I want it.  Sandwiches and burgers are also significantly sized and require a certain lack of self-consciousness to tackle without cutting them down into more graceful portions.  Holiday brunch buffets always offer a good variety and quantity of choices, and we’ve never felt like we were being rushed at all to turn the table.

I can’t tell you a darn thing about dessert.  Never made it that far.

Full bar, live music and events regularly.  Catering and events, too!

Words from personal experience;
Pictures from Mayor Jim Kight’s blog


Shirley’s Tippy Canoe
28242 E Historic Columbia River Highway
Troutdale, OR 97060

Drive the horseshoe around and back on the freeway eastbound.
Immediate exit at exit 18
Left on the Historic Highway
Past the Troutdale bridge, past Tad’s, Tippy’s is on your right in under two miles.


1 thought on “Tippy Canoe”

  1. Bj carlton said:

    I’m looking for a restaurant with food as good as Shirleys especially the lobster omelet and the cheesecake

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