The Riverview

Riverview Restaurant

Yoshida's Riverview Restaurant

The Riverview has, hands down, the best location in town on a sunny afternoon, and it ain’t too shabby for a quiet rainy winter evening either.  Beautiful inside, with a huge deck nestled in the trees right by the Sandy River to enjoy a plate of calamari and a glass of wine.  Nice for a great dress-up meal, or (it is still Oregon), Levi’s will pass just fine.

The Riverview does a lot of weddings in the summer, so it would be worth a phone call ahead on summer weekends, or a Plan B.

The river is only green like in this picture when we hit the glacier melt point from Mt. Hood.  The Sandy is a beautiful clear river, and worth spending some time with.

Directions:  Exit 18 to the Historic Highway, past the Troutdale Bridge, past the Tippy Canoe, to the Stark Street Bridge.  Turn right onto the bridge and you’re there.

503.661.3663                   29311 SE Stark Street, Troutdale


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