The Troutdale General Store

 Troutdale General Store

The Troutdale General Store is a complete confection.

** insert slight pause for editor to fulfill a curiosity **

(yes, that was exactly the right word.)

Terry and Jodi Smoke have done a stellar job of compounding, preparing, and making something which is all of the above – frivolous (in the best of ways), amusing, delicate, elaborate, luxurious, and (usually) nonutilitarian.

The exception lies in nonutilitarian.  Great coffees (gets no more utilitarian than that), a soda fountain (I truly think we all need a soda fountain in our lives), and really good sandwiches (Steph, who could have had lunch from anywhere for her birthday, asked for the General Store pulled pork), salmon chowder, and wonderful breakfast casseroles that don’t resemble anything my mother ever called a casserole.

The proof of nonutilitarian is a huge selection of cards, year-round Christmas (all holiday, actually) decorations, cool toys (SOCK MONKEYS!!!), old-fashioned candies and fabulous truffles, jewelry and history and ice cream, oh my!

As near as I can tell, these two good people work seven days a week, and it shows.

Directions:  Around the horseshoe, up the hill, under the arch, on your left about a two-thirds of the way down the main drag in Troutdale.   7000 square feet of something that will make you smile.

503.492.7912              289 East Historic Columbia River Highway, Troutdale

[Some images on this page are from the restaurants’ websites.  All words are personal experience.]

2 thoughts on “The Troutdale General Store”

  1. Jodi
    Our Sr Citizen Bus Tour from North Dakota willing be coming through your
    area , Thurs, Sept 4 and would like to stop in the area for a quick/modest
    lunch. What limited (3 choice menu) (we pre order exact choices 2 days
    prior to arrival), pay with single check (50 guests), Can you suggest a
    3 choice menu and pricing for a 11:30 a.m lunch in the $11.00 range (inclusive). (most drinks would be coffee, some milk)
    Look forward to hearing from you
    American Tours 605-645-6667

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