The Historic Springdale Pub


The Historic Springdale Pub

The sign says “The Historic Springdale Pub & Eatery”, but c’mon.  It’s just The Pub.  Unless you’ve been going there for more than ten years, then it’s The Tav.  This is a wonderful community gathering spot, with a lot of regulars, but a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.  Great pizza, and a large menu of good pub food.  Full bar and micro-taps. I stop in a couple times a week on my way back down the hill from running the dogs in the woods, so see you there!

Directions:  exit 18 out the Historic Hwy, past the Troutdale bridge, past Tippy’s, past the Stark Street Bridge, past the dragon and into Springdale, and you’ll see it on your right.  If you get to Multnomah Falls, you’ve gone (waaaaaaay) too far.

503.695.2676                  32302 Historic Columbia River Hwy, Springdale OR

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