McMenamin’s Edgefield

McMenamin’s Edgefield

You can’t start any conversation about beer (or concerts, or weddings, or…) within twenty miles of Troutdale without mentioning Edgefield.  They offer large quantities of great micro-brews (referring to selection and volume, not how much you should drink… we’ll talk about taxi service later), wonderful wines, and even distill their own spirits.  All on the 74 acres of what used to be the County Poor Farm.  Murals abound celebrating the past residents, and the entire enterprise has a whimsical and magical feeling to it.  Restaurants and bars and Ruby’s Spa and even a little theater with movies nightly and lectures on occasion.  Concerts on the lawns in the summer.  Don’t miss on your visit!

Directions:  Horseshoe around and up the hill, turn right onto Halsey at the second light, Edgefield is about a mile down on your left.  Look for the vineyard. 

503.669.8620                    2126 SW Halsey Street, Troutdale

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