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October rocks.  Yes, we had a couple days of downpour, but yesterday and today have been magnificent, and the next bout of wet coming in Friday just makes a body appreciate the bits in between.

Beautiful color this year. Lots of reds around town and the hills are gold and green.

The (Sandy) river is running really chocolate from the earlier rains – cell pic doesn’t do it justice, but it looks like if you stuck it in a blender you could whip up a milkshake.  Soon as the ground gets used to rain again, it’ll clear up.

Max sampling the fortified water.

And we got first snow on Mt. Hood last night!  She looks so lovely with the first coating of white on blue under blue again.  Sorry, no picture – I was driving.

Beautiful reds on the west, and that gold tree behind the hotel is prettier than I’ve ever seen it.

Enough talking.  I’m going to go outside and embed sunshine in my pores.