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… no no no, you’re right.  Not just time yet.  But and still…

ummm... fire?

I know.  No chestnuts, the fire is behind glass, but and still.

The weather has (finally) officially changed to rain and cool enough to justify flames.  The pups and I got soaked to the bone on the trail to the river tonight, and fire is a nice thing to come home to.  There is a rumor of sunshine tomorrow, however, and I hope to complete my Duties in time to get out in it with the camera and snag another bit or two of Fall.

Lots going on at the hotel – Rian got to the Chamber meeting today to introduce himself in his official capacity as Lead Schmoozer [uhhh… Community Liason…], and is going to be out in the local businesses this next week to invite all to the Halloween Hanging next week.  Leamy Printing did a great job on the invites, and it’s going to be fun to have everyone in the house for the celebration.

Steph is doing her Steph-thing and getting all the goodies for the kids and refreshments dialed in [popcorn machine… hot beverage dispenser for the cider… if I could make her a job description comprised entirely of party planning, she’d be the happiest woman on the planet].

Yesterday I picked up the last batch of prints (selection and formatting was – as everything seems to be – a much larger job than I anticipated), and Bob is coming by tomorrow to pick them up for framing and drop off last week’s batch framed.  Finishing up the treasure hunt cards and will have them in production by Friday.  I’ll post a preview this weekend so you can get a head start :).

Speaking of which… I’d best go get those Mirrors signed and labeled.  See you next week!

– L