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I borrowed this post from The Mirror Project page, because we wound up with a couple spots on the walls needing a sparkle after we installed the new art in the public spaces last week (math not being my very best thing) (don’t tell Jatin, I think he believed I could add before he handed me his hotel to run), and Mirror 539 was one of the eight additions delivered today.

I had to have Steph hold the print up and then back off ten steps to tell if it was upside-right or not, because, frankly, at 16×24 size on top of my desk,

it was just a bunch of leaves.

It’s not.  Can’t wait to see this one framed and hanging. : )


Mirror 539 reminded me of how elusive / changeable / fickle the beings in the middle of The Mirror Project images can be. With the caveat that you are undoubtedly not going to see the same as I do, watch this…

I see a princess (lonnnng curly locks, slight 5:00 shadow, hint of a tiara) on the back of a possibly winged, and clearly friendly, lion with perfectly defined eyes and muzzle.

However, one click larger…

The lion is still there, but the princess has become a slightly crazed warrior-type.

One click bigger, and…

The lion has now become a rather handsome native in war paint and full regalia. The crazed warrior is still a crazed warrior (sneaking up on the rather handsome native and about to ruin his day). (No worries, the rather handsome native always wins.)

And, big…

It’s pretty much a bunch of leaves.

It’s a fascinating world, isn’t it?

[Sandy River Trail, October 31st, 2012]