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We were delighted to have members of Going Second in the house while they were in our area on the Music Makes Music Tour.  They called us to see if we would be willing and able to donate rooms for the team while they worked with four middle schools.  Always happy to help a great program that helps kids.


Music Makes Music is a non-profit organization that is designed to Inspire, Motivate, and Educate students through music.  MMM brings inspirational musical events that highlight the importance of being involved with music, staying in school, and living a drug free life.

~ Raise awareness of the importance that art and music play in overall education.
~ Demonstrate how music can be a powerful tool to motivate audiences toward positive change.
~ Reinforce to teens the importance of completing their education.
~ Empower students to get involved with music by providing information on school and community resources available.
~ Serve as drug-free role models that teenagers can both identify with and emulate.
~ Enhance the overall education experience and morale of every participating school.
~ Work with administrators to target student life and educational needs.

It was a pleasure and an honor, gentlemen.

More about Music Makes Music here.

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