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Friends of the Columbia Gorge
Flower Frenzy Challenge 2013!

March 1 to July 31, 2013


What a great reason to get boots on the trails, and experience the spring and early summer in our beautiful Columbia Gorge!  Every year, I intend to get out to Dog Mountain in the spring, and every year, I miss the window.  Rain or shine, I am going this weekend – mark it.

Friends Of The Columbia Gorge has put together a treasure hunt of 25 beautiful flowers that appear briefly in the Gorge in the spring and early summer, and the challenge is to get out there and find as many as you can, with the shyer of the bunch being worth more points.  There are prizes, although I would suggest the treasure, in this case, is in the finding more than the winning :).  The log has great information on each flower, like:

Bitter Root

Bitter Root _ Lewisia rediviva… This flower was found in the Bitter Root Mtns by Lewis & Clark (state flower of Montana). The speciman they brought back had a viable root and bloomed years after the expedition. Hence the scientific name. American Indians valued it highly as a food, and although it is nutritous, it tastes bitter. According to tribal myths, the plant grew from the tears of a starving old woman, and its roots are bitter because of her sorrow. The large, fleshy roots were harvested just as the blossoms began to bud, and, after being boiled, became jellylike and less bitter.

Register at www.gorgefriends.org/flowerfrenzy , print out your log, and go find some beauty you haven’t seen before.  Even if you’re not going to play this time, become a member!  Memberships start at 35.00, which is a killer deal and gives you access to great inside information and resources.  I also see that if you register now, you get a free copy of Ross Jolley’s “Wildflowers Of The Columbia Gorge”!WildflowersoftheColumbiaGorge_RussJolley

Some of the early ones will be disappearing soon (or you’ll have to hike up higher to find them), so start this weekend and I’ll see you on the other side of a cluster of Dutchman’s Breeches!