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I love this time of year.  Not because my house often reaches an inside temperature in the mid- to upper-80s, not because it’s high season at the hotel and a bit crazy at times (okay, it’s a bit crazy often), not because it’s a good excuse to buy another slew of $4.00 tank tops…

Berries.  Cherries (cherrrrrrriessss!).  Rhubarb.  U-Pick.  Roadside stands.  I could live on fresh fruit with frequent yogurt and occasional ice cream.  Fresh lavender in big beautiful delicious purple bundles.

If you drive the Historic highway, without pulling over at least (at least) once for something straight out of the field, you’re missing a smile.  So grab a container big enough to sustain you through the summer traffic at the Falls. Here’s a sampling along the Historic Highway…

Troutdale main drag
The Fruit Stop… great selection of local fruit and veggies, plus beautiful hanging baskets.

Market on Saturdays at the old train Depot…

(and don’t miss the First Friday art walk this week!!)


Kerslake Farms (also the Mirror at the top of the page)

George Knierem’s place… u-pick raspberries.  Just past Dabney State Park on your right, Woodard (to your left) goes up and over the hill to drop into Springdale.  Watch for the signs!

Kerslake Farms:  u-pick and picked raspberries and blueberries.
Past the Stark Street bridge, through the curves and past the dragon, first right on Northway and follow the signs.

Watch for bouquets of fresh dahlias in little huts with a jar to leave a couple bucks in along the way!

To get to Wills Farm: [“tons of different fruit all summer” according to an inside source], bear right on Hurlburt (just past the Springdale Pub and catty-corner from the Springdale School), and turn right on Christensen Road.

After you pass the Corbett Market (yes, stop), and the fire station (hats off to the magnificent volunteer Corbett Fire Dept), keep an eye out to your left (I’m speaking to the passenger-side person here, of course).  You will pass a stand in front of Kirby’s blueberry field with (oddly) blueberries, cherries, rhubarb (whatever is fresh and lovely) for sale, or grab a bucket and pick your own blues.

Still looking to the left, watch for the lavender signs… there’s no better way to scent your car or your room, and the best thing about lavender is you can skip the vase and just let the stalks look and smell pretty as they dry.

Larch Mountain
Right after Women’s Forum, follow Larch Mountain Road to the right, and take a quick right onto Salzman to get to Klock’s blueberries – u-pick.  The field is a bit higher, so berries are on a bit later and the fields are huge!  U-pick starting soon, check their site.

If you eat half a pound (each) while driving the 14 miles up to the top of Larch, you won’t even notice that the steps up to Sherrard Point are steep.  Promise.

Enjoy : ).