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Sandy River Gorge rain puddle

Sandy River Gorge rain puddle

It looks like we have a week of wet coming up, so I’m going to tell you a little secret that might clutter up my winter trails a bit.

That rain that is pounding the windshield of your car, and looking like the outside world is unfit for man and beast?

When you’re walking in it, on a slightly muddy trail through a forest with wet-shined leaves, it isn’t nearly as intense as when you’re doing 60 mph down the freeway with the wipers flapping in your face.

In fact, if you have on good boots, a hat, and (preferably) some good rain pants (because wet jeans bite),  and maybe a dog or three, you’re pretty much guaranteed to enjoy the day.   My experience has been that if you’re committed to go no matter what, the rain will even work around you, and hold off until three minutes after you’re back in the car (the past two days we haven’t had a drop of anything other than wet from brushing through the ferns, and then the downpour has hit on the way back down the hill).  Throw a cuddly sweatshirt in the car to change into when you get back, and enjoy this third season.

Beaver fwap... slightly annoyed with the three dogs on the bank.

Beaver fwap… slightly annoyed with the three dogs on the bank.

You might even catch one of the local denizens who thinks everyone has gone home for the year.

Have fun out there : )