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I’m thinking we’re well on our way to spring.  On the way down the hill from the evening hike four days ago, I was sitting at the stoplight on the east side of Mt. Hood Community College, and thought my car was blowing up.  I turned down the story I was listening to and rolled down the window, because (in limited areas of life) I prefer to confront bad news head on.  The light turned green, and as I crossed the intersection and headed past the green space, I realized I was hearing


A whole lot of frogs.

Every night since, I have turned down the story I was listening to and rolled down the window.  It makes me laugh every time.

The frogs we have around here are teeny tiny green tree-frog-ish types, but boy can they sing.

So if you have a few minutes, after dark, go drive Stark by the creek that runs through the greenspace, slow, or better yet park and walk the new path they put in last summer.  Bettin’ it makes you smile, too.

Where to go
Intersection of Stark Street and Troutdale Road
Just behind MHCC and across from Dairy Queen

Meanwhile, go take a look at the National Wildlife Federation photography contest pics I borrowed the featured image for the post from.  I won’t spoil the surprise by showing you the owl here.

Victor S. Lamoureux’s frogs are New York frogs, but still.  Charming, aren’t they?