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Infusion Gallery’s grand opening was last Thursday and it was a great event.  I stopped in early afternoon to drop off some smaller format Mirror prints, and there was little evidence that there was anything significant waiting in the wings (well, other than Parris showing some minor indications of stress).  Five hours later, I walked in at 5:15, figuring it’d be another hour before things really got rolling.

Boy was I incorrect.  The gallery was packed with dressed up smiling people, enjoying stellar nibbles and wine, and just generally having a good time.  The food was fabulous (sorry you didn’t get any of those little creampuff things that were magically chilled in the middle, but I couldn’t stop), with treats from Riverview and Cheese And Crack (the cheese oatmeal cookies were to die for), and huge chocolate covered strawberries dipped in all sorts of good stuff.  The whole event was very nicely done.


I had the honor of holding the end of the ribbon for the cutting (off to the right out of frame in this video.  I’m okay with that.), and we’re off!  Proceeds from all sales benefit Adult Learning Systems of Oregon (always), and Parris was busy writing up beautiful purchases.

Congratulations, Infusion!  Most glad to have you in the community.

Infusion Gallery
305 E Historic Columbia River Highway
Troutdale, OR 97060