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We had a truly beautiful Monday.  Truly. 

Tuesday and Wednesday, however, have been a bit… wet.  Gray, even.  This too will pass.

Meanwhile, here, have a smile.


Who Goes There

Who Goes There full

That was the day Who decided to go There. He had woken up that morning feeling a bit discouraged with life in general and Home in particular, and was seriously in need of an immediate change of venue. Who fixed himself breakfast and splashed water on his pertinent parts, then opened the front door and contemplated Direction. Sure enough, it was clear that Here was out – muddy and cold. And When looked like a storm was coming in over the mountain. Which left Everywhere (Who always got lost when he headed in the direction of Everywhere) and There. Who packed a lunch, whistled Whatever in from the yard, and they started walking the trail to There, where, today, the grass was greener, the sun shone brightly, and the otters were playing in the river.

LLH; 2006


There.  That’s better now, isn’t it?


Loree Harrell; 2006