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(if you can complete the last two words of that thought, you’re likely as old as me.)

Look what we did!  We turned the griping in the direction of a smile yesterday and look – just look! – what we got today! *


I stepped outside this morning when the light caught my eye, and was greeted with a beautiful pink and blue-sky sunrise (you’ll have to take my word for it – the cell phone missed the bulk of the pink).

You know what I like about this place?

Even when you’re in the middle of a long work day, running errands, doing all the needful things…

You can look left…


or right, east, west, make a small course correction and see something straight on…


… and find something that delights.

We live in beauty we do.

Enjoy your day.


* Yeah, that whole thought was Pollyanna -esque, but I believed it for one brief shining moment. (**)

(**  if you can sing that one brief shining moment reference. you’re likely as old as me.)