A friend came to town this week (I love it when that happens) and we went to Bumpers for dinner last night (I love it when that happens, too).  If you haven’t been yet, add it to your list!

Bumpers 1

Lovely décor, great food, beautiful fish, good bar… now if they’d just quit moving around so I could get a decent shot. : )

Scallop pasta off the fresh sheet, a great burger, a huge apple dumpling and crème brulee for dessert, a beer and a warming adult beverage seated next to the fish.  Good evening.  There was one bad moment when the hermit crab appeared to be taking pieces off the beautiful ruffle-y fish, but, since the ruffle-y fish kept coming back for more, we decided we simply didn’t understand the relationship.

The steak salad is still my all-time favorite, but every meal I’ve eaten here has been great.

Bumpers 3

I know you can’t see this guy, but he’s charming. Black and white striped with maroon fins (some sort of clown fish maybe?). He blew pretty little bubbles for us all through dinner.

Bumpers will be hosting an Easter brunch – take a look at the menu (Daily Specials same page)… and enjoy the fish!