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When that moment comes of spring, all the waiting things fling themselves towards change and growth and new, with the abandon of a child.  A new box of all of the one hundred and thirty three colors.

Fern.  Forest Green.  Atomic Tangerine.  Beaver.  Bittersweet.  Blue Bell.  Blue Violet.  Blue Gray.  Blush.  Brown.  Burn Sienna.  Chestnut.  Copper.  Dandelion.  Fuschia.  Hot Magenta.  Inchworm.  Indigo.  Jazzberry Jam.  Mahogany.  Maize  Manatee  Mango Tango.  Mountain Meadow.  Neon Carrot.  Olive Green.  Outer Space and Piggy Pink and Purple Mountain’s Majesty.  Sepia and Shadow.  White.

A new box.  All of the one hundred and thirty three colors.